Reflection on Haltman

What I found truly interesting during my first glance at this reading was Haltamn’s devotion to this subject. As I went through the reading, I figured out how simple but significantly valuable this subject is. It fascinated me how something genuinely simple such as objects are able to tell stories, and help you understand cultures and societies. Ironically, as I kept reading, it drove me crazy how this subject of analyzing objects could be extremely complicated at the same time. The fact of being something relatively simple makes it harder to find what is the meaning behind it. Reason why, as Haltman observes, missing out any detail or word analyzing the object could drive you to the wrong conclusion or make you miss something precious.  Therefore, you have to be willing and able to spend a lot of time observing every single detail to understand the complete meaning of it. As I learned this reading the text, I felt intrigued about how much value objects can have, and I understood Haltman’s devotion to this subject. Another detail that astonished me as well was the comparison that is made indirectly between images and objects. When it is said that: “Description provides the bridge between the realm and that of concept and Ideas” It blew my mind because of how accurate and certain this is and how it also applies to objects. Also, It made me realized as it is longer mentioned in the text that: “description tells us how an image has opened itself to an interpretation”. While I was reading through the text, I found all of this revealing and exciting because it is a subject that could apply to us later and the future. Going through all of these thoughts within my head indeed make me engage in this reading. Futhermore, it made me understand the meaning and value that some objects may have for history, societies and cultures as well.

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