Reflection of The Atlantic article: 50 Years Ago in Photos: A Look Back at 1968 by Alan Taylor

The article: 50 Years Ago in Photos: A Look Back at 1968  by Alan Taylor is a very creative piece of literature in which images summarize the year of 1968.  The fact that Alan Taylor utilizes images to tell a story, in this case, the year 1968, clearly emphasizes how smart he was in creating this article. There is no doubt that images can tell more than a thousand words and that is why this article is truly fascinating.  Through all of the pictures in the article, the reader is able to perceive specific topics that are present amongst all of them. In most of this images, you can see disagreements, protests, violence, peace, unity, and innovation which would describe the year of 1968. This article reflects that this was a year where people were sharpening their point of views, and consequently, there were many disputes. In many of this images can be seen war, for example, the pictures of Kremlin, Vietnam, and Nigeria where there are conflicts reflected between different nations. It can also be seen violence in different riots and protests all around the world in Brazil, France, Mexico, China, and the United States. However, there are also pictures of unity and accomplishments such as the protests in London and Memphis against the Vietnam war, The Beatles, one of the first Olympic gold medalists, The Demonstrators March,  and the first astronauts being sent to the moon. Even though it was a tough year within societies and nations, it is definite that the year 1968 was one that made the whole world reflect and grow up as a whole to strive for unity, understanding, and peace. It is evident that later on, all of these encounters, battles, wars, and violence let people know that this is not the solution for a world of different point of views. It demonstrated that there should be unity and understanding in order to live in a world of harmony and peace.

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