PSD Activity 2


In this paint, there is a black background with a girl wearing a pearl earring. She appears to be light skin but this could be because the lighting of the painting is coming from her left side by the front of her body. She is half twisted looking smoothly at her back. Hes look is one of thought or fear. She is wearing a blue bandanna covering her hair and another one baige that goes all the way down to her shoulders covering the rest of it. She is wearing two shirts, one white below another one light brown over it.  Her eyes are completely black with a thin nose and subtle opened mouth. Her back is covered in her shadow but can be seen even though. The texture of her cloth seems to be a little rough.


  • Why is the background entirely black?
  • What is this girl looking for?
  • Why is the light coming from her left side?
  • round dark? Does the artist what us to focus on the girls earring?
  • Why is this girl in this position?

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