PSD 1: First Contact

Panel: Eddie Colon

Block Number: 2411

Description and Response:

Eddie Colon’s panel has a black background which makes other brilliant colors to stand out. The panel has no borders, only on the right side it can be seen a border, but it is the one from the entire block. At the center of the panel is Eddie Colon’s name with different drawings in every single letter of it. Throughout these drawings, it can be seen: the U.S. flag, a poem, a musical note, a beach with a palm tree, and the Puerto Rican flag. At the sides of the panel, there are four pictures, two at each side, of Eddie with his beloved ones. At the bottom of the panel is its date of birth and death.

During my first look at the panel, I was able to tell how efficient was the visual rhetorical strategy used in this panel. Utilizing Eddie’s name to depict his personality through drawings of what he liked and lovely messages truly give the viewer a sense of how this man was. Looking at both, the United States and the Puerto Rican flag tells me where he is from and where are his roots from.  The beach with the palm tree projects that he loved going to Puerto Rico and the beach. The musical note tells the viewers that he enjoyed music including the Garage Records logo, what appears to be his favorite album. The poem by his lover truly stands out because it describes, from a person who was close to him, how loved he was. The pictures of him and his friends along with the different names in the panels also demonstrate how many people cared about him and how much he was loved. Overall, at first glance, this panel might look simple, but if you look closer, and pay attention to its details, you will find yourself with a lot of valuable messages of who was Eddie Colon.

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