Make Something Project

During the work we were assigned to do in class today, the piece that my classmate Samuel and I created is called Man at the Piano Bar. Before starting this assignment, Samuel and I were both mindblown because we had no idea of what we were going to be handled to work with or what we could create. We certainly doubted about our creativity, but we were proven wrong. We were given a bag containing small objects and told to create something, anything out it. At first, I was a little stuck, but Ideas began to arrive. As soon as I started looking at the objects inside the bag and I saw a circular piece of metal, eyes, and small tape figures that looked like small noses, everything added up and I thought of creating a human stick. As Samuel and I worked on the piece, everything started to come up together. I told him to use the nose as lips, and then he utilized little fragments of pamphlet paper to create a hair for the being. Then I started thinking of what could have been the body, and I used two erasers, but Samuel had a better idea so he used a little-cutted platform as his body and I decided to use the erasers for its hands. Afterward, I always had in my mind that the pamphlet we were given could be used for something so I kept thinking, and I thought of utilizing it as a background, and so we did!

This experience, even though simple, taught me a lot of things right away. At first, I thought I would not be able to make anything, so I started looking around to see if any ideas popped up, however, none came because we had different objects. Therefore, I was forced to utilize my creativity and certainly came at the right time. I learned that no matter what you have there is something that you can do, or you can create about it. Furthermore, it also taught me that if you use your critical thinking ideas start to pump up and you start giving them a shape towards what you are aiming for. Simultaneously, I was also forced to learn how to communicate with my partners, these ideas in order to create a piece of both, we instantly had good and progressive thinking and as we created part of the piece we were already thinking about the other as well. These helped us creating this piece fast and efficiently.

Man at the Piano Bar