Introducing the Quilt

As mentioned on my about page, throughout the course of this class, I will be working with different assignments associated with the NAMES Project.  The Names Project Foundation is a movement created to raise funds for the victims of HIV and aids in which they created a quilt as a memorial for all the victims of this cause.  The quilt, better known as The Aids Memorial Quilt, has eight different panels in which every single one of them displays a different beloved one. The measure of these panels is 3 by 6 foot and within this space, people create a handcrafted memory of their lost ones. After seeing pictures of this amazing movement, I was truly touched by the tremendous effort that thousands of people have made for their victims. When I saw the pictures of more than five thousand quilts in Washington DC I was astonished on how beautiful this piece of art looked from above. It is truly incredible how this memorial serves as a voice for all those people suffering from this cause. Furthermore, it is evident that this is one of the best ways to get their voices heard, creating no violence or protest, just raising their voices with art in memory of their loved ones.

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