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Outline IIOutline II

Final Analysis Outline II Working Title: The Quilt as a tool of Expression, Protest, and Awareness. I. Thesis Statement: The Quilt served its purpose by allowing people to use different rhetorical strategies as a form of protest, expression, and awareness about HIV/AIDS. II. Introduction: As I entered into deep research on both Eddie Colon’s and Robert […]

Archival ResearchArchival Research

Archival research as stated in the GSU Library Website is: “research involving primary sources held in an archives, a Special Collections library, or other repository. Archival sources can be manuscripts, documents, records (including electronic records), objects, sound and audiovisual materials, or other materials.” Archival records are characterized by their uniqueness which makes them priceless and of immense […]

Sample Bibliography EntrySample Bibliography Entry

Williams, Gabriel. “Primary Source Description Two”. Post Script Reverie Blog, October 8, 2017. Gabrielle Williams explains in detail the panel that she is researching for and the material culture involve in it. Williams engages in a detailed analysis of her quilt, but she also backs it up with specific sources. Williams is engaging on this research […]

PSD Activity 2PSD Activity 2

Description In this paint, there is a black background with a girl wearing a pearl earring. She appears to be light skin but this could be because the lighting of the painting is coming from her left side by the front of her body. She is half twisted looking smoothly at her back. Hes look […]

Reflection on HaltmanReflection on Haltman

What I found truly interesting during my first glance at this reading was Haltamn’s devotion to this subject. As I went through the reading, I figured out how simple but significantly valuable this subject is. It fascinated me how something genuinely simple such as objects are able to tell stories, and help you understand cultures and […]