Annotated Media Gallery

In this page, I will provide all the media I utilized for my paper for further investigation and use. I will also address the purpose of adding this images and further information that was not mentioned in my work.


The first picture that I introduced to my paper is the one of block 2411. I added this image to gave the reader a sense of what was the process and experience of how my analysis started. The picture is from the Aids Memorial Quilt website and can be found at any time; it also contains other panels from the same block.

The second and last image of my introduction is of block #2478. I utilize this image for the same purpose of the first one. I utilize both of these images to guide my reader through all my research and analysis I thought it is better for the reader to understand how I went through different metadata until I gathered all the information I needed for this analysis.

Rhetoric Made Into Art

Since I had already given a picture of the entire block, I wanted the reader now to focus on my panel only. I provided this picture in my analysis for my reader to know exactly what I was talking or referring to in my analysis. This image can also serve as a reference for other researchers and is available at The Aids Memorial Quilt. Later in this page, I utilized more focused pictures of this panel such as the one for the E in the panel on the other letters which contain the flags. I did this as a way to guide the reader of my analysis and focus on what I was specifically talking.

Related image

The image introduced above is a diagram containing statistics of HIV/Aids cases in Puerto Rico. Every region includes its number of cases and the color foreshows its gravity; therefore, the higher the number of cases the darker the color. I utilize this image to demonstrate that in fact Puerto Rico is one of the Highest countries and U.S. territories with more HIV/Aids cases and to explain the reason why it was added in the panel as well. The Puerto Rican newspaper Primer Hora provided the image.

Music to Forget

As I did for other images, this one is another image of my panel as well. I utilized this image to explain to the reader how I was able to find about Larry Evan and Paradise Garage. This is an image of the panel I used for my investigation, Eddie Colon’s panel located at block 2411.

Image result for larry levan and Hiv and aidsImage result for larry levan Image result for larry levan






I introduced the images of Larry Evan for the reader have a picture of Larry and watch him in action.  The photos show who Larry Evan was and him doing his work as well. I gathered these images on different websites that are detailed in my works cited.

Image result for paradise garage

Image result for paradise garage

Image result for paradise garage
















After talking about Larry Evan, I decided that it was crucial for me to explain what was Paradise Garage and its importance. With these pictures I wanted the viewer to have a picture in their mind how was the paradise garage and most importantly show the magnitude of its movement. The first picture contains the logo of the disco which I was able to find correctly using the metadata that the second picture provided. As the photographs of Larry Evan, these can also be found in my works cited page.

Literature as a Strategy

Since I was going to talk about Robert Chesley and his panel, I provided a picture for the reader to be well-oriented of what I was talking about. The images are from Robert Chesley’s panel, located at 2478. This picture can also be found looking for the block number at The Aids Memorial Quilt.  In the same page, I also utilize certain parts of this picture in order to focus my reader on what I talked about later.

Image result for robert chesley

During my analysis, I explained that the Quote added in Robert Chesley’s panel was his favorite one and that he had it tattooed on his back. The purpose of providing this image was to evidence my statement and giving a picture if ow the tattoo looked like. The source of this picture will be provided as well in the works cited.

Image result for robert chesley

Image result for robert chesley

Lastly, I decided to add these two pictures for my viewers to see how was Robert Chesley’s physic. I also added a picture of one of his collection’s label just in case someone has read or just seen the cover of his books. The reference to these pictures is also provided in the works cited page.